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Quadzig on AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog of products that can be deployed in Customer's AWS Accounts. Quadzig is now available on AWS Marketplace and you can quickly get a secure, self-hosted Quadzing instance up and running in your AWS Account in just a few minutes.

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Compliance Requirements

With self managed marketplace solution, you can apply your organization's standard security & compliance controls to the infrastructure hosting Quadzig.

Seamless Billing

Quadzig is now just one more item in your AWS Bill. With our flat monthly price, you will always know exactly how much you are getting billed for your usage.

Data Isolation

Because the Marketplace solution runs within your AWS Account, you are in complete control of your data. No data about your cloud infrastructure is shared with us.


Quadzig on AWS Marketplace offers flat monthly pricing based on the number of AWS Accounts you would like to visualize.

Number of AWS Accounts Price/month
upto 5 AWS Accounts $99.99
upto 10 AWS Accounts $199.99
upto 15 AWS Accounts $299.99
upto 20 AWS Accounts $399.99
upto 30 AWS Accounts $499.99
upto 50 AWS Accounts $699.99
upto 100 AWS Accounts $1199.99
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